Top 10 money saving tips for 2019

Before I start with the whole Top 10 money saving tips for 2019…I should probably let you know how things went for me last year.

My large purchases last year

I think that concentrating on paying for everything in the cash that you have is the way forward for most people. Also for me personally its not about whether I am being stingy, but living my best life without paying through the nose for it.

In the past year I have done quite a few fun things that would be considered large purchases, of which I have listed below:-

  • Revamped My Family Home
  • Bought Annual Theme Park Passes for us and the kids
  • Been camping over the May bank holiday with Family
  • Went to Florida on Holiday
  • Holidayed in the south for a week on a theme park tour
  • Started my very own business

Top 10 money saving tips for 2019

Camping holidays

When listed it seems like a whole lot to do in one year. Sometime I wonder how long other peoples lists would be, but I don’t really like to compare myself to others.

Home Makeover

Our home needed a huge makeover and last year I decided that I would set about rewiring the entire house and replacing the old back boiler. They had both become difficult to live with so it was only a matter of time and costs involved.

Post back boiler replacement

It must have had a mind boggling Christmas last year as I was also planning my shiny new website at the same time.

Over the Christmas period I always get slightly uneasy and anxious, as if I can sense a shift in the coming year. I always remember that I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as that is when I will make the most progress towards my goals.

Savings made last year

Without going in to too much detail (you can see savings in each individual article), here is an overview of savings made on my major spends last year:-

 Spend Savings
Home Makeover  Thousands
Camping  £200 Tent
Theme Park Tickets  £240 Plus +++
Florida Holiday  £1700
Summer theme park tour  Free Entertainment for the week
Website/ Business  Unknown

In addition to this, I have been constantly taking advantage of cheap deals and discounts throughout the year.

Top 10 money saving tips for 2019

Taking all my savings from last year in to account, here are my Top 10 money saving tips for 2019:-

  1. Plan Ahead – When making large purchases, look out for things that will save you money through out the year like my theme park passes. I knew that by buying them, we would be able to take advantage of lots of days out all year long and make a saving on what we would usually spend. Kids Pass can also offer big discounts on Family Days out through out the year and you can get free trials and cheap memberships.
  2. De-clutter your home – Is it decorative or useful? If you answer no to both of these questions, then sell, weigh in or donate. Ebay and Facebook selling sites are a perfect place to start.
  3. Look for Discounts – I mean really look for discounts in areas where you spend the most such as Food, Insurances and Holidays.
  4. Buy second Hand – Not everything has to be new. Look for second hand things when planning your year such as camping gear, household decor and play equipment. Ebay is the obvious choice but also check out local selling sites as above.
  5. Book in advance – when booking campsites, hotels and flights, leaving it late is not ALWAYS the best way.
  6. Try Matched Betting – This is a risk free way of making extra cash every month, with the freedom of doing it from your own home.
  7. Start that business or sideline – EARN instead of spending. If you have a passion or idea then you have nothing to lose other than your time (which will pass anyway). You can launch a website with as little as 99p so you can actually turn your dreams in to reality on a tight budget!
  8. Use Cashback Apps – Depending what it is that you are planning on buying, then you can get large chunks of cashback on things that you would buy anyway. Go through a cashback app such as Quidco, Topcashback or Shopmium for anything that you are looking to buy online.
  9. Account Skimming – Skim your bank accounts of the loose change every time you log on and transfer it to a separate account. You can save this for next Christmas like I do or another special occasion. I managed to save over £100 towards Christmas food and didn’t miss any of the pennies going out of my account.
  10. Check out other money bloggers – One of my favourite past times when I’m not working is to check out other money bloggers for money saving tips. Some of the other amazing bloggers can show you some great ways of making extra cash or gorgeous money saving meal plans.

Make Savings where you can and buy within budget

Concentrating on making savings throughout the year overall could be the key to reducing costs across the board. This needs to be tailored to your individual budget as it needs to be affordable to pay for in cash and fit in to your family finances well.

I know that a lot of savings can be made when you already have the money to be able to shop around and buy things up front, so I hope that this post covers all budgets.

Taking a fresh look at your finances overall can do wonders and taking the time out to plan meals and days out are simple money saving tips for the new year. It is Amazing what cutting out your daily coffee in a coffee shop can do or not buying your lunch out.

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Mary Ambrose

Good job! I know Brits love to visit Disney in FL. Keep up the money saving habits and you can make a lot more of those trips.

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