Things I will Splurge on

Things I will Splurge on

Things I will Splurge on

Now, everyone knows me as a money saver and I am proud of that. I like to think that I am in control of my money and use it to suit me. I will save on things like Food, Clothing, Holidays, and shopping online. These are the things that I will always get at a discount if I can and hate paying full up for. However, as we go through life we learn that cheap isn’t always the best way to go and there are some things that you just can’t compromise with. Here are the things that I will Splurge on:-


I will always make sure I spend up to my budget with presents. Even if I get the present that I was looking for at a ridiculous price, I will still spend up to the budget that I had first intended to spend. The person receiving the present will just receive more. I think this is because I like to give a certain amount and feel like I’ve cheated on myself if I don’t.

Having said that, I will still look for good deals, as I would prefer to give my loved ones more rather than less. I use Top Cashback a lot when buying presents online as this will pay me a little extra after I have bought something. I also look at deals in shops such as Boots for Cosmetics as they have some fantastic offers on make up and perfume. Also Superdrug and Fragrance direct can be very competitive for Perfumes and aftershaves. I order from Amazon with my Prime membership so that I can get quick and free delivery. Amazon also have a free trial of Prime so that if you have a special occasion coming up, you can receive all the perks for nothing. 

Next is another company that I love buying from for presents. Free delivery to store means that you can just pick up from your local, usually the day after you order. The site is easy to navigate and there is a lot of choice.

A favourite with everyone is Argos for the reliability, and the fact that you can go and pick it up straight away. Sometimes the delivery can be arranged for the same day too. I buy toys, clothes, tech and kitchenware from here the most.

2. Pocket Money

My kids have all had pocket money in their time and I am happy to show them how to budget with it properly. I advise not to spend it straight away as it is paid monthly, just like in the real world.


Little treats such as taking the kids out for an ice cream or for a Mcdonalds. We all know its hard to get a discount somewhere like McDonalds so we kind of rule that one out and splurge anyway. Unless of course you read my little trick on how to get your Big Mac and Fries for £1.99


Usually I will pay full up for school shoes. It is probably because there isn’t many discounts around, and I like to take the kids to try them on too. I will order shoes from Next and try them on in the comfort of my own home, and again there aren’t many discounts, unless I order from the clearance section or in the sale.


Parties are a big part of my life and I love them. I don’t mind being the host either, and do it several times a year. They are usually family parties as I have a really close family that enjoy each others company. Halloween, Christmas, summer BBQ and birthdays, we celebrate them all. I also like to dress the place up and go with a theme such as Mexican night, Summer hot tub and BBQ, Italian night and many more. I shop at places like Home Bargains, Ebay and Amazon to get quirky little decorations. We also recently brought some Hawaiian theme decorations back from our trip to Florida from Dollar Tree.

6.Interior decor

Unless there is a huge sale somewhere, if I am looking for a something to go in the house at that time and I see something I like, I will buy it. My favourite places to shop for furniture and decorative bits are Next, Matalan, Home Bargains and Primark.

7.Date Night

We love our date nights and although we aren’t out every week, we will treat ourselves with a night out together and not go cheap on it. We are both real foodies and love nothing more than to go for a romantic meal somewhere that we haven’t tried. We have been to a Michelin Starred restaurant, Tapas, Caribbean, Italian, Indian, Chinese and that’s to name a few. If we also decide to go out for cocktails, then that can also come to a fair bit too. We personally will spend it to have a good time and make memories of somewhere special we have been together. If we are budgeting at that time then we will still have date night but to places such as Frankie & Bennys or Chiquito and do a Cinema date too.

So there you have it, Things I will splurge on. There may be difference of opinion about this, but it is my own personal preference and this is where I choose to spend my money. In the most part, it is to do with quality time with loved ones, which I find priceless. So at the end of the day, there is no competition.

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Things I will Splurge on

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