Things I will always buy at a discount

Things I will Always buy at a discount

I always try to get everything at as low a cost as possible but there are certain things that I will always buy at a discount. I hate to pay full price for these as I know that I can get them cheaper, or at least get cash back on them. Now, I don’t want you to confuse me always wanting to get a discount, with me being cheap, there is a huge difference. I like to buy the best quality items that I can get, for a price that I am willing to pay, rather than just buying the cheapest. Checking the internet for codes and vouchers is a big help and something that I do on a regular basis, especially if I am buying online. We have 6 kids between us and still like to go out and eat, plan nice holidays and go out on day trips. This means that we have to be wise when buying anything to make sure it fits in to our budget.


I always look for the best deals possible on food. I shop regularly at Aldi for food as I love the fruit, veg and cold meats and cheeses. The Super 6 fruit and veg can save you so much money, especially around Christmas. I have fed the kids for a week and planned a party for around £70 in the past. I make a note of what I already have in and work around that, so that I don’t buy more than I need and don’t have to start wasting food. I also try not to grab things just for the sake of it, as that can lead to wasting food also or being swayed off of my diet. If i can pick something up at a discount then I will and pop it in the freezer or eat it the same day. I will also shop at Tesco as they send me regular vouchers with money off my shopping. They also have some fab reductions and I like to take advantage of that.

2. Activities

Now we are one of those families that like to be out and about. We like to plan days out and make the most of our free time with the kids. I will always try and get a discount on the activities that we do, as we usually take our four youngest children with us.

We bought Merlin Annual passes at the beginning of the year in the January Sale as there was a huge discount off the price tht saved us hundreds. We can now get in to all the major theme parks and attractions int the UK for nothing, all year. It did cost just over £600 at the time, but we felt it was worth it so that we could have a fun year. We have also based our summer camping trip around doing a tour of theme parks in the south.

Before we set off for a day out, we have a look on the internet first and try to find if there is a discount for booking online or a discount code we can use. Very often there is.

I have the Kids Pass App that will tell you what discounts are available in the area that you select. There are so many offers such as 40% off cinema, kids eat free and huge discounts on days out and holidays.

Groupon and Wowcher offer some fantastic deals on days out and I have purchased many of these over the years.

We also eat out quite a lot with the kids, so we look for discounts on kids meals or kids eat free to keep the costs low. Picnics are obviously very low cost and we will take them along if we feel like we won’t be walking too far, but sometimes we just pop somewhere cheap to eat. Kids pass have so many deals on kids eat free, you can always find somewhere.The Frankie & Bennys and Chiquitos have always got offers on for huge discounts on food, such as 50% off main meals, free drinks on special occasions and kids eat free in the holidays.

3. Clothing

As a woman and fully fledged shopperholic, I love clothes shopping. I’ve got to the point where I hate trying on clothes in the shop as I hate to spend too long in there. I will either pick it up and try it on at home or order online. When ordering online, I look for discount codes every time. If I can’t find one then I will go through Top Cashback as the retailer is usually on there. I hate to buy clothing full price, so get as much as I can in the sales. Even if it means buying for next summer in this years summer sales, then I will. Buy a bigger size for kids or go for classic pieces for yourself so that it doesn’t go out of fashion. My favourite shops for clothes shopping are Dorothy Perkins, Next and Primark.

4.Online shopping

Much the same as clothing, I always get a discount when shopping online. Look for discount codes by doing a basic internet search, or go through Top Cashback. I never pay full price unless its a last resort, at least try for free delivery.


If you have seen my previous post on How to do Florida on a budget, you will know that I don’t pay full price for Holidays. My previous family holiday destinations have been Italy x 2 with Eurocamp and Al Fresco. Both of these I would highly recommend as they are based on family sites throughout Europe, some being in prime locations and they give you big discounts worth around 40%.

Florida. I got a massive discount on this and was able to take 4 of us away for around £1850. I have also been to Spain a few times, Portugal, Ibiza, Alcudia, Corfu, Skiathos, Mexico and Florida (1st time) , Prague and Berlin. I always look for good prices for flights and use cashback sites such as Top Cashback back for extra discounts. Even on package holidays and car hire, Top Cashback will usually have something they can do for you. I use on site codes that websites put on to give you extra money off at the till. When I booked Florida last time I got £150 off.

6. TV Packages

We have NowTV sticks that you can just pick up from the supermarket, Argos, Amazon or Ebay. They have loads of channels to pick from and you can get passes for different things such as entertainment, cinema and kids. You can cancel whenever you like (as you need to give your bank details to sign in) and you can buy more for the rest of the house. We have several Now TV sticks throughout the house as you can register them to the same account. You can buy more sticks in the regular promotions that they have and pay minimal for your TV viewing.

7.Cinema Tickets

Every year we join Meerkat Movies (which have also now extended to Meerkat meals). We do this by taking out a small UK travel insurance worth a couple of pounds with Compare the Market. This then gets you a years worth of 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when you get a code from your app. You can make some big savings through doing this on trips to the cinema, as it can be so expensive.

I also have Kids Pass, which gives you 40% off the price of cinema tickets throughout the UK at certain cinema’s, any day of the week.

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