The week with the fight night takeaway meal plan

fight night

I love it when it gets to the time of week where I make a meal plan. I try and keep a few of the favourites for the the family and then add a couple of different meals every week to keep it more interesting.

This week we had a Indian takeaway on Saturday night to watch the Anthony Joshua fight and a couple of drinks.

With it being fight night I think the Indian was really busy, as it was over an hour and twenty before it arrived with crushed poppadoms and was just warm. I had to make a bit of a complaint about it to be honest.

I gave blood today (Sunday) and had a couple of little snacky things after. Honestly its like a buffet table at those places!

We also decided to eat in KFC while out and about so I had the healthiest thing on the menu, which is a rice box with sweetcorn and pepsi max.

I am having drinks with the girls this week and I’m sure we will be having some snacks as well, so maybe I don’t need to cook.

I’m still going to try and stick to as many shakes as I can on weekdays and see how I go, otherwise it will be salad.

 Day  Lunch Dinner
Saturday Subway Fight Night Indian Takeaway
Sunday Rice Box Jacket Potatoes
Monday Homemade Salad Box or Shake Roast Chicken, Veg
Tuesday Homemade Salad Box or Shake Scotch Eggs & Salad
Wednesday Shake So Juicy Chicken & New Potatoes
Thursday Jacket Potato & Salad Lasagne & Actifry Chips
Friday Salad or Sandwich Nibbles with the girls

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Meal Plan

I also take part in the meal planning linky with Katy Kicker . She has some amazing meal plans, and I couldn’t wait to join in!

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