The week that the slow cooker came out

slow cooker

This is the first meal plan that I have done for a couple of weeks as I have been really busy. Planning seems to have gone out of the window a little so now the slow cooker is coming out!

Every so often when I slip up and start to get out of the habits that save me money, I have to reign it back in again and start back at basics. This makes life easier and more balanced.

When I don’t plan, I notice that I eat worse and feel less organised.

This week I plan to use my slow cooker several times as with busy lives we can just get in and eat rather than having to cook too much after work.

 Day  Lunch Dinner
Saturday KFC Ricebox Italian ready meal
Sunday Pizza Buffet at Scarefest Jacket Potato
Monday Homemade Salad Box Roast Dinner
Tuesday Homemade Salad Box Beef Stew & Mash
Wednesday Noodle Pot Chilli & Rice
Thursday Raw Vegetables & Chicken Pulled Pork & sweet potato fries
Friday Salad or Sandwich So juicy Chicken & New potatoes

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Meal Plan

I also take part in the meal planning linky with Katy Kicker . She has some amazing meal plans, and I couldn’t wait to join in!

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Daily Deals UK

Mines literally just come out this week too – I LOVE my slow cooker, so easy when you have a large family and can be so much cheaper.

Sania Ahmed

This is so true planning keeps you organised and not just pick anything that comes on the way… this applied in the kitchen and every walk of life. Well your list is a great one.

Katy Stevens

I’m loving the slow cooker at the moment! Also, you’ve just reminded me that I really like those so juicy ‘sets’.

Thanks for linking up x

Hannah Swancott

You know it is winter when the slow cooker comes out!Your meal plan sounds lovely! great idea


I cook in my slow cooker all the time. I make a lot of crockpot meals like turkey chili, whole chickens, split pea soup, shredded BBQ chicken, and pot roast.

Monidipa Dutta

I do not have a slow cooker but I would love to get one. Your reviews are great about it.

Nina Nichols

I love slow cooker and I always use it! Like you, I always try to plan what’s for the meal since it takes time preparing. 🙂

Karen Monica

Your meal plan sounds great. It does take a lot of time to prepare meals especially when you have a busy schedule.

Sarah - Mud, cakes and wine
Sarah - Mud, cakes and wine

Our slow cooker is out too and I need to try these so juicy never had it and they ook great. also i need to do a pulled pork xx

Fashion and Style Police

I need to get a slow cooker this season. I have been thinking of getting one for ages now.

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O

I am a big slow cooker fan. When Autumn comes around my cooker is out making stews and casseroles. It is such a quick and easy way to cook

Enricoh Alfonzo
Enricoh Alfonzo

thanks for the tips and tricks shared.
my mom and sister would love this!

Azlin Bloor

Meal plans are definitely well worth the small effort. I do them professionally, and it makes a huge difference when I practise what I preach!


Planning ahead is close to my superpower as well as slow cooker recipes. In my household my husband normally cooks on daily (sort of) basis but when I cook I only do the slow cooker versions.

David Elliott

Looks like you have some pretty great meals from the slow cooker. I am always looking for more ways to use it more effectively. These would be delicious.


Wow this is very good idea. Meal planning is the way forward when you have a busy schedule!

Happy and Busy

Ohh thank you for sharing this. This is a big help. Planning meals is so hard

Christopher Mitchell

Awesome! I was actually looking at getting a slow cooker, so this is absolutely perfect!

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