Mystery Shopping – Is it for you?

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Mystery Shopping – Is it for you?

Have you ever wondered if Mystery Shopping might be for you? You may not be able to build a fully fledged career out of it but you can get paid to eat, drink and review.

I have just started doing my first few mystery shops and I have really taken to it. I currently have just over £40 in my mystery shopping account to cover payments and meals. I haven’t withdrawn it yet but payment is imminent.

Getting paid to go out is a brilliant perk, and one that I take full advantage of. I try and arrange them every week and it fits in to my social life too. If you incorporate it in to your day then it is just being paid to go out and have a great time.

Of course you have to take the time to read through the assignment notes carefully as there may be things that you need to take in to account when making your visits. You will be required to take certain pictures and be aware of what is going on around you. The neatness of the place that you visit and how to staff act are just a couple of examples.

Pros and Cons

Here I weigh up if Mystery Shopping is really for you:-

 Get paid to eat and drink They may request that you buy certain dishes or drinks. Payment will also take 1-2 weeks
 I can go out and have fun Yes you can have fun but you can’t be distracted as you will have to write a review and take notes.
 There are some popular and local   assignments. You have to check that you are not associated with anyone that works there.
 I enjoy writing the reviews You have to check what the requirements of that particular job is. You will be required to take appropriate pictures as specified in your assignment notes fully and understand what is required of you.

Mystery Shopping is great as it get you out and about, as long as you don’t mind doing the work.

So, if Mystery Shopping sounds like it is for you then get in touch. I can advise on what it entails and also recommend a good Mystery Shopping company.

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