My 5 Frugal things this week


5 Frugal thigs

Finding Frugal things will be difficult again this week.

I have been preparing for my Daughter Lucy to go for her year abroad in Austria and it has been the final week of the summer holidays for the boys.

It has mainly been about spending as we have had a couple more takeaways and a meal out together. Friday night we had a Chinese takeaway as it was her final night in this country and then a stop off for a Mcdonalds breakfast on the airport run.

Here goes my 5 Frugal things this week:-

1)Google rewards surveys – They send them randomly and take a couple of seconds to answer. Google pay you a few pence for each one and you can build it up to spend on Google Play Credit.

2)Used McDonalds receipt. I was so rushed I had to have a McDonalds, so decided to use my receipt and code for Big Mac & Fries for £1.99 (don’t ask about the diet this week)

3)Went through Top Cashback for school bits, made myself £5 back which is a nice little bonus.

4)Ate the bread from the garage freezer instead of buying more. We always seem to forget that we have filled the garage freezer too!

5)Started Planning Christmas. I love to plan Christmas early and usually start September. It helps me to stay on track with my spending and not do it all in a rush.

Hopefully I can concentrate a bit better on saving now the kids are heading back to school, apart from handing over bus fares and dinner money!

Take a look at how I did last week…

5 frugal things

I am joining my fellow money bloggers Cass, Emma and Becky, to show you 5 Frugal things that I do every week!


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