Income Report July 2018

Income Report July 2018

This is the first income report that I have done and I knew before I started writing that it wouldn’t be the best. With the Income Report July 2018 I have also tried to keep it quite simple as it is my first one and hopefully I can look at it and improve for next month.

I finished work officially mid July and concentrated on my website. These side hustles gave me another couple of income streams that come in very handy. The rush in July, with finishing work and mapping out my new working day on the business took its toll on the amount of time I could spend on side hustles, so the report will reflect that.

My main focus on these reports will be my side incomes, just to give you an idea of how much time you would need to put aside to generate that extra cash flow if you were also holding down a full time job.

So as I said, I finished work mid July and started to concentrate on building my site. Not working has been brilliant for this business as I have had the time to invest in it without rushing through it in the evenings or at weekends. I work at least a 50 hour week to be able to fit in my Side hustles too now. During July I have included Ebay reselling and Matched Betting, both of which I really enjoy. I also had the added extra strain of planning a week away which fell at the end of July, so I had to put a lot of extra work in to cover that week.

OK, so here are the figures for my side hustles for July. This doesn’t take in to account my affiliate earnings, paid advertising or wages from my previous job.

 Income source Earnings after deductions
 Matched Betting 408.17
 Ebay 42.75

My matched betting income is a lovely boost to have and if you look carefully and start doing the weekly reloads (these come after the initial sign up offers which are extremely profitable), then you can make a steady £400-£500 per month.

July was busy for me with leaving work and organising my website. Also the bookies had dropped a lot of offers due to the world cup finishing. There had been a couple of weeks where there weren’t many offers at all other than a bit of horse racing. This has now started to improve with the start of the premier league in August.

Ebay reselling is something that I have dabbled with in the past, but not really put much time in to. I have now just sorted a few things out and am trying to establish a routine so that I can work more efficiently.

Again, a lot of my time was taken in July, so sourcing new items has been difficult as it is so time consuming. It is also holiday season so I think sales are low due to this as well.

Goals for August

Holiday out of the way and a better routine established, I am hoping that the next income report that you see will include more side hustles and a bit more for Matched betting and Ebay. I will have more time to concentrate on these now and hopefully people will be returning from holidays ect.

Other great income reports and blogs

I love reading through income reports and blogs as it gives me inspiration and I may also find something out that I haven’t yet tried.

Charlotte over at also has some great budget reports where she lists all her income and expenditures and explains what is in her money envelopes. Her blog concentrates on clearing debt, building wealth and living life.

While Victoria at, has numerous income streams and constantly challenges herself to beat her previous earnings. What a great motivator!

Corrina from has a really good reporting system and you can see the increase in her side incomes, as well as expenditures and even graphs to show her progress. have produced a really good report charting their blog costs, traffic and top posts. It is actually a blog about how much they haven’t earned, which I think is fab!

So there you have my July income report. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoy reading income reports too.

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