How To Save Money When Travelling

How to save money when travelling

How To Save Money When Travelling

Travelling the world, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures is a dream for most of us but a lot of people feel that travelling for any length of time is simply beyond their budget. However, with our thrifty money saving travel tips you might just find that the opportunity to travel is available to you as it isn’t as expensive as you thought.

Travel Off Season

Are you flexible with the time of year that you can travel? Do you not really mind if the weather is scorching hot or even prefer a milder climate? If so, travelling in the off season i.e. in the autumn and winter months, will save you a lot of money. Not only this, it will generally make your whole travel experience a lot easier as there will be less crowds, more opportunities for upgrades (just ask!), less chance of delays and generally a lot less stress.

Cook Your Own Food

This should come with the caveat (some of the time) as a big part of travelling is eating out and tasting the local cuisine but if you are on a trip of any length then cooking your own food some or even most of time will save you a hole heap of cash. Cooking for yourself every now and again will also help your waistline as well as your wallet as eating out every day is a sure way to pack on the pounds. Even if you don’t want to give up your nightly meals you can still make your own breakfast and lunch every day. You will be surprised at just how much this can save you.

Send Your Luggage Ahead

Did you know that there are companies who will collect your luggage from your house and ship it ahead for you so that’s it’s waiting at your hotel or accommodation when you arrive? As well as the obvious time and hassle saving benefits of this kind of service, it’s also a lot cheaper than paying airline excess baggage fees so if you’ve got a lot of luggage with you then this really is a no brainer. If you are travelling as a family or large group, this can be particularly useful.

Stay Together

If you are planning on travelling together as a group, then there are lots of saving opportunities available to you. Sticking together when it comes to accommodation and even excursions can save you a lot and let you enjoy a higher standard than you could if you were staying on your own. There are websites that allow you to book an entire apartment or house for less than it would cost you to book a single room in an average hotel.

Use Public Transport

So many people waste an incredible amount of money on taxis, hire cars and even flights when travelling big distances when they could be using buses, coaches, trams etc. to get around. If you are travelling through Europe for example getting an overnight bus or train will be a lot less expensive than flying from country to country. This will also give you more opportunity to see the country you are travelling through which is all part of the experience. When you get to the city you’re staying in don’t waste your spending money on taxis, there will be local buses and/or tram services that are much cheaper and there are lots of cities that offer free transport services that allow tourists to hop on and off at their leisure. All it takes is a little research to save yourself a lot of money no matter where you are.

Stuart Cooke is from Uni Baggage, a door to door luggage delivery who help tourists all around the world cut the costs of their travels.


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