How I save money every week

How I save money every week and my recommendations

How I save money every week. There are many ways that I try and save money myself on a day to day or week to week basis. This helps me to contribute to bigger, more fulfilling things, such as holidays and days out with the family.

Food shopping

I usually do my weekly food shopping in Aldi as it is so quick, and I can make huge savings on fruit and veg alone. I plan my meals in advance and write down the ingredients that I will need for each of them, so I only pick up the things that I need.  If I can plan meals that use the same ingredients, then that’s a bonus as I know that I will use a full pack of say, carrots or mince. 

I pay for my shopping with my credit card as I will earn points. As long as I pay the balance in full off of my card by the due date. Also, for when I shop at Tesco, I have my credit card details registered to the Tesco pay + app. This gives me 1/4 more clubcard points and credit card points too!


I use cashback sites ALOT. The main ones that I use are Topcashback and Quidco as they have been reliable for me. I have saved a lot of money over the years by just doing my normal online shopping using these.

If I’m shopping online and can’t find what I am looking for on a cashback site, then I will always look for a discount code before buying at full price.

Finding the right time

Shopping at the right time can be a really big money saver. If you visit the supermarket in the evening, then supermarkets start to reduce their fresh stock. As I cook a lot of my meals from scratch then I can save a fortune of fresh fruit, veg, meat  and bread. Just the other day I bought 4 pork chops reduced to £1.07 from £4 and 6 fresh luxury burgers for 92p from the Coop. I put them straight in the freezer to use for a weekend BBQ!


When shopping for holiday clothes then I also make the most of the sales. My favourite sales, where I know I can get a good reductions include Dorothy Perkins, Very, Next, Tesco, SelectPrimark and New Look.

If I see something that I like then I won’t buy it straight away as I know that it will be soon reduced. I also won’t buy items where I have something similar at home. This forces me to think about it before I buy it (this has stopped me from buying so many things). Kids clothes are great to pick up in the sale if you buy them one size up. I did this when we went to Florida as I had four kids to buy for. It saved us a fortune by buying a year in advance. The only thing I left to buy closer to the time was shoes, as they needed to be properly fitted.


I usually switch energy suppliers every year and use cashback sites for this too. Some of them have large payouts for taking out a new supplier which makes it worth doing.

I am also on a water meter so keep an eye on how much water we are using. Limiting the amount of time that my brood are in the shower for and choosing the shower over the bath all help.

Day trips

I do like to get out and about when I can with the family and make the most of days off of work. For weekly day trips I make them as cheap (or free) as possible. Going to places such as national trust sites and meeting up with family are my idea of perfect. With such a large family, we are never short of someone to spend extra special time with.

We bought some Merlin Passes back in March (when they were on sale) that get us in to a large range of theme parks throughout the year. Although they cost us over £600 (there are 6 of us) we thought they were a bargain. The theme parks include Alton Towers, Legoland, Thorpe park, Chessington, London eye, Sealife and so much more. We have already SAVED a good couple of hundred pounds comparing the prices we would have paid if we paid on the gate.

I have also taken taken a look at what Miss Manypennies has to say and she gives some great tips on how to make your money go further.

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How I save money every week

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