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Is it any wonder that we feel so much pressure to spend at the moment? With the children going back to school and the summer holidays drawing to an end, our purses have taken a huge beating.

While we all love to see our little angels beaming on their ‘first day at school’ photos, getting to that point can be a big strain.

Having more than one child to kit out can add pressure too. Many households struggle during the holidays alone with finding childcare and activities, on top of the climbing price of holidays. Having to buy school supplies on top of this is very costly.

Here I tell you how to try and ease the pressure by shopping well and trying to save in as many areas as possible.

Wait a while

Wait until late August to buy your supplies. Not only will it give you more time to save but lots of shops have sales close to the end of the holidays. This can be a big help with lots of stock heavily discounted.

If you look online, lots of department stores start taking around 20% off uniform prices late August.

Clear out their wardrobe

Do a count up of your child’s school clothes such as blouses, shirts and trousers. It may surprise you how much they have in their wardrobes already. Just because it’s a new term doesn’t mean that they need to have everything new. Just replace anything that it completely unusable. Detail everything that you can so that you only buy things that are necessary. If your child has a pencil case full of pens and stationary, do they really need more?

Split the cost with a friend or relative

Some shops have discounts if you spend over a certain amount. Agree with a friend or relative to split the cost when making a bulk order. This may save a few pounds to put towards something else that they may need.

Use discount codes

Look on the internet for discount codes before ordering online. Many shops have some sort of discount available that may save some money.

Use cashback where possible

When ordering online, check cashback sites such as Top Cashback and Quidco before making your order. You may be able to get cashback on your order if you are unable to get a discount code.

Hopefully using a few of these methods will save you some of that hard earned cash. You will also be able to take some of those much cherished ‘first day at school’ pictures that we have talked about, without breaking the bank.

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