August Income Report 2018

Income report

August Income Report

This is my second Income Report and throughout August I tried Looking at other ways to earn extra income so that people could try it out themselves.

Although it has been a busy time for me, I have managed to add a couple of extra little jobs. one using just a few minutes a day.

Admittedly this isn’t the only thing that I have concentrated on so earnings haven’t been sky high.

One huge impact on my side hustles at the back end of August was me going back in to full time work. I took time off over the summer to spend time with my daughter before she went off to Austria and to spend some time concentrating on business.

Matched Betting

Matched betting was less than the previous month as I recovered from losing many offers when the world cup ended. It still wasn’t a bad amount to come in, bearing in mind that this is a side hustle.


Ebay was shocking through August as no one seemed to be buying so sales on there were very low. I also didn’t have much time to list things when preparing for work and my daughter leaving either.

Mystery Shopping

I loved doing my mystery shops as you also get to eat and drink for free! This was a new one for me and I’ve got to say it isn’t for everyone. I am looking forward to getting some more booked in but getting them at a suitable time is more difficult due to work.


Surveys was also new and doesn’t take up much time at all. I use Prolific, and after filling out a fair few qualifying questions, you can get some really good rates of pay if you took up all the surveys offered.

*The amount stated is for less than and hours work on surveys.

So, here are my earnings on side hustles alone (excluding affiliate earnings, paid advertising and day job).

 Income Source Earnings After Deductions
Matched Betting  387.32
Ebay  30.97
Surveys  £14.11
Mystery Shopping (including meal costs)  £42.15

So this tally’s up to a TOTAL AMOUNT OF £474.55 which I think is great for side hustles during the quietest month of the year so far!

Some of these jobs are easy to do and very helpful if you need the extra cash.

As the kids are now back at School, more people start to think about Christmas. Now would be the perfect time to start some of these side hustles and build up your Christmas pot.

Please take a look at July’s Income Report to see how I did

Income report

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chloe @callmecoco
chloe @callmecoco

Not bad at all for a side hustle! I’ve never tried mystery shopping


I love side hustles, it’s easy money. It may not be a lot, but it adds up! Looks like you did great for the month! Not sure if it’s in your area, but I have better luck selling things on Mercari than on eBay.


Well done! Alas, I cannot bet/gamble so that’s off. I’m still struggling with Amazon and all that so I need to find other ways too. Mystery shopping here is full of so many scams that I stopped searching a while ago.

Marjie Mare
Marjie Mare

Very informative post and thanks for sharing. Hustle jobs are always beneficial particularly when you have kids in College like me.


Nice hustle. For me am still struggling with affiliate marketing. Adsense has been my major means of income online and then betting. I was surprised to see you also stake (match betting).

The Panicked Foodie

Not a bad income report for side hustles that look like they are fun! And yea, my ebay was also very slow 🙁 I think it tends to pick up more around the holidays though when people are looking for gifts! Mystery shopping is also something I have always wanted to try out.

Esperanza Scotto

Wow, great job! Thanks for sharing 🙂

kartika nair

That’s a good way to earn some passive income. I loved the idea of doing surveys would try them. Who doesn’t like to earn some extra bucks 😀


Not bad at all, a little extra breathing room when it comes to finances can be very helpful. Well done to you indeed.

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