Advent Calendar Guide

I Have put together an An Advent Calendar Guide to help you find the best deals possible when choosing your advent calendars this year.

If you keep clicking back, then I will try and update it as and when needed. Some shops haven’t yet started stocking them yet.

I am always telling the kids about the times when I was younger that we opened a cardboard advent calendar rather than chocolate or toy calendars.

My siblings and I used to take it in turns to see what picture was behind the doors an we looked forward to it everyday.

That really won’t wash with the kids these days though!

Whether you are looking for toys, chocolate for the kids, or something a bit more grown up, I have tried to find something to suit all.

Here are my picks of some of the deals out there at the moment:-


Asda & Other stockists

I really fancy this Cheese Calendar which will be on sale in Asda for £8 from 15th November 2018

advent calendar




Dairy Milk, Mars & Malteaser £2

Advent Calendar

Thorntons, Swizzles, Kinder & quality Street from £4 – £6

Lindt, After Eight and Smarties 3d £10


Thorntons personalised £5 or 2 for £10

Advent Calendar


Standard Dairymilk, Mateasers and Milkybar £1.50

Home bargains only seem to have the swizzles Advent Calendar online at £4.29 which is a good price

Advent Calendar

Beauty & Novelty


Various Beauty Calendars 3 for 2 offer including

Soap & Glory £40 or 3 for 2

Advent Calendar  Advent Calendar Advent Calendar Advent Calendar

Cath Kidston £40 or 3 for 2

Yankee Candle £24.99 or 3 for 2

Disney Princess Castle £16.00 or 3 for 2

Peppa Pig £25 or 3 for 2

Lego Star wars doesn’t seem to be in the offer at £19.97


Lego and other toys advent Calendars currently in the 3 for 2 toy sale ranging from £22.99 to £24.99

Advent Calendar Advent Calendar


All Advent Calendars currently half price

Flutter Beauty Now £8

Advent Calendar

Lynx Men Now £15


Advent Calendar

Micky Mouse 12 days of Beauty Now £7

Superdrug Bloom Perfume Now £12

B & M also seem to have a good range of Advent Calendars at fab prices but I can’t see them online as yet.

A typical Advent Calendar from B & M would be Swizzlers, Reeses, Haribo, Cadbury and for those interested in non chocolate Advents Airpure as below

Home bargains only seem to have the swizzles Advent Calendar online at £4.29 which is a good price

Advent Calendar


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