5 Cheap Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

Christmas Eve can be almost as exciting for children and families as Christmas Day itself. Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK seem to be changing and many families struggle to keep up.

Growing trends of material expenses such as Christmas Eve boxes and expensive trips out can make many families feel extra pressure to provide lots of material things for their children, instead of concentrating on enjoying that extra special time together.

Here I bring you 5 Cheap Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK that we can all enjoy, even when on a budget. The emphasis is on family time and these tips ensure that you get plenty of it and no one feels left out.

1.Give a goody bag

If you WANT to give your child something to mark this magical day, then make up a goody bag or present with some cheaper alternative to expensive pyjamas or dvd’s.

Give them a voucher for their choice of film from Netflix, Now TV or your own existing collection of dvd’s. You could also include snuggly socks which can be brought from your local Poundland or B & M for as little as 99p. Other Ideas could be hot chocolate toppings, popcorn or a Christmas book.

Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

2.Bake Christmas Cookies

There is nothing like the smell of home baking at Christmas. Recipes for simple cookies are everywhere and the ingredients may already be in your cupboards.

Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

3. Walking in the air

What can be better in cold crisp weather than to go for a nice long walk with your family. This is a lovely cheap Christmas Eve Tradition in the UK for many families and is always a hit!

I like to choose somewhere near a lake or pond that has a children play area. You can also take a hot drink along to make it even more festive.

Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

4.Make real Hot Chocolate

Our all time favourite Christmas Eve Tradition in our household is to make hot chocolate from real chocolate and milk.

It is so simple but absolutely gorgeous and can be topped with your favourite toppings. Just heat a pan of milk (measure it by the amount of cups that you will need by pouring three quarters of a cup with milk and pouring in to the pan). whilst the milk is heating, break in a large bar of milk chocolate and keep stirring. Do not let it boil.

Pour back in to the cups and top with your favourite toppings once the chocolate has melted.

Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

5. Track Santa before bed

Download and print my FREE Santa Letter and place out with your cookies.

Have a go at tracking Santa before bed so that your child knows where he is and that he is already on his way! Use the official NORAD Santa tracker to really make your child’s Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Traditions in the UK

Above all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Norma Nikutowski

Love the cookie baking tradition! I like the smell of home baked cookies and giving them out as gifts before Christmas.

Shraddha Tripathi
Shraddha Tripathi

I like the goody bag idea for our kids. we can collect many small and inexpensive items for our kids. Christmas cookies are also very nice.

Cindy Gordon

Baking is one of my favorite traditions. Walking in the cold is a lot of fun too.

Melissa Cushing

These are most definitely great gifts and I bake cookies and put them in cool storage containers and they always make the perfect gift for my co-workers. Love it!


I loved all your wonderful ideas. I’m going to be adding some of your suggests to our holiday traditions. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Ingalls

So many fun activities. I always loved going and looking at the lights when I was a kid. It made the holidays so special, especially when it was followed by cookies and hot cocoa.


If you have never made “real” hot chocolate – it is worth every bit of effort to do. Nothing like store bought from an envelope chocolate.

Natalie Holland

These are all great Christmas traditions to spend with the family. Our favorite thing to do is drinking hot chocolate, watch movies in our pjs.

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