20 simple life hacks

life hacks

I have been discussing some simple life hacks with my fellow money bloggers, and we have come up with 20 great life hacks to live by.

Have you ever just wished that there was an easier way of doing things? Going the long ways round and then someone letting you in on the shortcut can be life changing and make you wonder how on earth you got by before!

Not only will you save money by using some of these, but you will also make life easier, and that is something that all of us want.

Why do things the hard way!

  1. Freeze a bottle of water that is 2/3 full – then top it up just before you leave home. You’ll have cold water for hours, save money on buying a drink and won’t have to use single use plastic – Katy Kicker
  2. Kids who wear school uniform? When sorting the laundry, roll up sets òf pants, socks, tops and trousers together. Saves time in the morning, when kids can just grab a ‘sausage’ to get dressed – Much More With Less
  3. Travel-size toiletries cost a fortune (relative to their size). Instead of buying that tiny, expensive shampoo/shaving cream/etc’, buy a small plastic bottle for a few pennies, and fill it using your everyday regular-size toiletries – Cord Busters
  4. To chill a bottle, wrap it in tissue, use cold water and wet the tissue and put it in the fridge. It will chill the bottle so much faster – Matts Cafe
  5. Put clingfilm in the fridge so it’s easier to use. That way you won’t waste clingfilm, time and money! – Lous News
  6. Slow cookers are the ultimate life hack. Just bung it all in, turn it on, leave for hours, feed hungry family, wash up one pot. Happy days – The Money Whisperer 
  7. For high heel shoes wearers- stretch them out around the house with a pair of men’s socks on as far in advance as possible and always stick some cushioned pads in the base of them. I also carry blister plasters for sore spot emergencies and I absolutely always carry a pair of ballet flats in my handbag. There’s no way I’m doing the bare foot walk of shame when my feet can’t stand it anymore. It’s the only way I’ll go out in heels now! –  The Female Money Doctor
  8. A standing up desk is expensive, so instead get a small tray table/tv table and pop that on top of your desk. If you need more room for a mouse or keyboard you can use a cardboard box and even wrap it in wall paper or gift wrap. A standing desk for a fraction of the cost! – Emma Drew
  9. Save money on work clothes by creating your own work uniform thus keeping your best clothes for leisure time. Choose a couple of base colours for your staples (trousers/skirts/jackets) and rotate shirts/blouses with them. Saves you time in the morning and you never have to think about what to wear for work – Tuppenys Fireplace
  10. Never let your bills automatically renew. Use price comparison sites and you will end up paying less than the year before for most of them. Also, it pays to complain sometimes. You might just get a refund or complimentary service/product – Joleisa
  11. My greatest recent hack is when you are meal planning, intentionally designate one night as leftover night, and don’t plan for or buy anything for this night. This is the night that we use up all the last of the bits and bobs in the fridge and cupboards. We see it as a free meal and it reduces waste, and really cuts down our shopping bill – Wanna Be Debt Free
  12. Brew your own coffee, buy generic medicines if you can, price check your utilities and tv/phone/internet packages regularly, use coupon and cashback apps when shopping – Utterly Scrummy
  13. If you can’t get the right angle to light a candle in the bottom of a jar, just light a piece of spaghetti as it can reach much further – Skint Dad
  14. Like iced coffee but don’t want to pay cafe prices?
    Make a mug of very strong instant coffee and pour into an ice tray. When frozen, pop a couple into a glass of milk and stir in.(Add in a splash of your favourite liquor for an extra treat!!) – Skint Dad
  15. Clothing – Use beeswax to waterproof your suede shoes. Simply rub on and then dry with a hairdryer –  Not Taught at School
  16. Use your consumer rights and never be fobbed off and out of pocket when purchases go wrong – The Complaining Cow
  17. Clothing – use the local clothing alterations service for repairs to clothing, rather than buying new again. New zip £20, but a new coat of same quality could cost £60 upwards-Budgeting is a challenge

    Cut your dishwasher tablets, dryer sheets and anything else you can in half. Gives you twice as much for your money – Time and Pence

  19. When stop caring what other people think, you can just about do anything
  20. Plan your meals and only buy ingredients for those meals – combined with online grocery shopping (less distractions!) you can easily save ££££ – Money Nest

So there yo have it, 20 simple life hacks that will hopefully save money and make your life so much easier.

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Fashion and Style Police

I need to cut my dishwasher tablets into half. That is great tip. Never thought of doing that before.


to carry blister plasters for sore spot emergencies and I absolutely always carry a pair of ballet flats in my handbag is the crucial life hack for every woman!

Monidipa Dutta

These are really great tips. There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that can easily ruin your day. Luckily, the internet is full of handy life-hacks that can make your life a whole lot easier. From people stealing your shoes to getting back the stuff you have loaned out and forgotten, there’s a life hack for everything.

Nina Nichols

Freezing a bottle of water leaving home is a must for me and my husband wherever we go. We both drink a lot of water so we do this all the time. We don’t like drinking anywhere and bottle of water costs some money so to save, we always bring frozen water.

Karen Monica

I love most of those tips. It makes life so much easier. I am definitely going o try out number 8. Need more space for my desk.

Aiai Damigo

these life hacks are awesome. I have to apply some of it in my day to day life living! great post!

BushraZ Blogs

I had attended an event recently in which I wore high heels and oh my god it was my worst experience the event was very long and my heels were paining a lot. I wish I had read this article before so that I could use your tip number 7. Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

blair villanueva
blair villanueva

Thanks for sharing these hacks! I remember your NO. 1 hack from my Mom when we still have infant at home. When we travel, we always do this hack 😀


I loved reading everyone else’s tips and thank you for including mine. Great post!

Azlin Bloor

Oh wow, saving this post, some seriously awesome hacks here. I am a heel wearer, and I do wear new shoes around the house, but never thought to wear thick socks to stretch them out. And clingfilm in the fridge? Gotta try!


The travel toiletries is a great one but I find that very often the small cosmetic bottles sold in beauty shops or supermarkets are leaky. I definitely love the work uniform one and have a few ensembles that I mix and match.

Jennifer Prince
Jennifer Prince

These are such fun tips! I love the 2/3 water bottle one. That’s so smart to do rather than having a fully frozen bottle.


I like the leftover idea. I also like the stand-up desk and cling wrap tricks. I hate cling wrap sticking too hard and being impossible to get off.


Nice blog! I am looking forward to trying out these hacks! Very useful

Ariel Shanelle

I really like the idea of buying a small bottle and refilling it with the bigger bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Great idea! Those small travel bottles ARE expensive. Like what the heck!

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