10 Of My Favourite Money Bloggers

Money Bloggers

One of my favourite past times is to read up on articles from other UK money saving bloggers. They give me inspiration to be better myself and it motivates me so much.

I have connected with lots of other UK Money Bloggers recently and they are a lovely lot.

I thought that I would list 10 of My favourite Money Bloggers, so that anyone looking to save money or just loves reading blogs can go over and take a look for themselves.

Here are my 10 Favourites (although there are many more amazing bloggers out there).

They aren’t in order or preference as I love them all for different reasons:-

1)Emma Drew – Emma is amazing, queen of reselling and weekly money saving columnist for Love It Magazine.

2) Katy Kicker – I love to link up with Katy on my weekly Meal Plans and keep up with how she is getting along with daughter Daisy.

3)The Money Shed – Top site for learning how to make extra side income, especially if you want to work from home.

4)My Money Cottage – Lots and lots of money saving and money making ideas, reviews and resources.

5)Stupid is the Norm – Great for life hacks and vlogs offering many money making tips.

6)SarahBethBlogs – I think this lady is great. She has personal experience of coping with anxiety and being a money blogger.

7)Charlotte Musha – I really enjoy reading through Charlotte’s Budget Reports and Monthly Goals posts.

8)Moneysavingexpert – Of course, my go to site, brought to us by Martin Lewis himself. I have always visited this site when wanting to save money myself, as there are so many tips and tricks to follow.

9)Mummy’s Waisted – This is a top site for products reviews and if you are a busy mum yourself.

10)Earning By The Sea – Fab for finding money saving apps, survey sites and lots of money saving ideas! Featured in The Sun Online and Top 100 Tots.

Obviously these are just a handful of the amazing money saving blogs out there, but they are a great place to start.


If you enjoyed reading this then lease take a look at my guest post:-

How to save money with a bad credit rating

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Sania Ahmed

This is handy and a great read … thanks for sharing

Anita | Simplisticly So

This was a nice list of money bloggers! Thanks! I will make sure to reference it the next time I’m looking for some money saving advice. 🙂


This is the first time I’ve heard of all of these websites. The Money Shed looks especially interesting. I will have to check that out as I’m always looking for ways to earn money from home.

Monidipa Dutta

Money bloggers sounds intriguing. I actually never thought of monetizing my blog. I will go through your other posts too as it was an interesting Read.

Jennifer Prince
Jennifer Prince

Oh this is a great list! I need to follow some of these. I need all of the help I can get with finances for sure!

Abira Nasir

Nice. I love this list and going to save this list. Because I love to go through all the blog one by one. Thanks for sharing.

Adam Brock

Thanks for sharing your 10 favorite money bloggers. I’m most interested by the money shed, but excited to check out the rest as well. Thanks again.


Such a good reference guide on some great sites, thank you for sharing them! I am headed over to check out the blogs on making money! That’s my blogging goal this year and any helpful hints I can find are most appreciated.

David Elliott

I definitely have a need to be better at saving money. I will have to check out some of these sites for tips I could use. Thanks for listing all these great people here.


oooh cool post, I’ll check these money bloggers out too. Thanks for sharing with us!

Mayuri Saxena
Mayuri Saxena

Thanks for sharing some amazing bloggers…I am going to read these blogs as I am from a finance background and it falls in my interest category. 🙂

Perry Wilson

Thanks for the inclusion in the list Mel

Fashion and Style Police

I read most of these money blogs from time to time. They are quite interesting with great tips.

John Sallie

Well, I am have to go through all of those in more detail. I am sure there are some great tips to be had.

John Sallie

Looks like some great tips. Going to have to checkninto them further.


These sound like some great money bloggers – I will definitely go and check them all out!

Ali Rost

One of my all-time favorite money bloggers is Trent at thesimpledollar.com I’ve been following him since he started writing and have learned so much along the way. Really excited to check out all of the others in your list! xx

nidhi fouzdar

I enjoyed reading this blog. would love to visit your guest post

Steph Bartlett

Good ideas – I always use money saving expert so I will try some of these other ones

Bee RaNature El

I LOVE money and teaching others about the REAL energy of money!

Bobbie Yvette Welch

Thanks for sharing this great list of resources. I went ahead and bookmarked a couple. Good post.

Cara Cozy

I’ve been really focusing on my own money mindset so it’s nice to have a recommended list of cool people to help that journey! Love the information provided all over your blog

Delux Designs (DE), LLC

Thanks so much for this list, definitely checking out all of them right now. Great article!


This is a fab and really useful post! Thank you for including me in there, it’s made my day that chuck! There’s a couple of blogs in there that I’ve not heard of before so I’ll definitely go and check them out x

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